Saturday, January 31, 2009

OBAMA to be Executed in 2031

Imagine The name BARACK OBAMA each time TED BUNDY is spoken on this video.

Then imagine years from now when the truth comes out...about the man who created the Death Camps, and the failed White Genocide.

Tabernacle Choir a Hoax, Technician Confesses

SLC - The famed Tabernacle Choir, well loved for decades, was a faked arrangement, according to a computer graphics specialist who was excommunicated last Wednesday.

"I was well-paid to create a phony set-up, to make the world think the Choir actually existed," said Morrie Hoffman (brother of Mark), "It was real. Really in my garage."

The defunct Choir hasn't performed since 1967, as it was disbanded due to a lack of interest.

Most Americans believe the Mormon church is a thriving and dynamic structure, when in fact, it collapsed just after the faked moon landing.

"I faked that, too," Hoffman confessed to CBS News, yesterday, "Most things in the world are now fully staged, using programs that can generate any scenario." Many governments use the imaging to be able to keep citizens in check. "There is no military. No wars are being fought, no actual diseases or wrecks or recessions;" he asserted nonchalantly, "in fact, we just finished creating the Inauguration of an illegal alien, just to test the gullibility of the current population."

He finds it amazing what humans believe, with so little animatronics added.

The two stories will air on 60 Minutes next week.

The LDS Church didn't return calls at the time of this bombshell.

He Ain't Heavy ~ He's My Brother

President Obama loves that song. Ever wonder why?

Fallopian Tube Symphony Orchestra

When in doubt...have a baby.

Obama Outlaws Talent

Those with above-average talent have been banned in the New United States of America.

New Magazine for Molesters

Have you picked up the lastest issue of MISSING?

It's the Magazine for Child Molesters.

I find the articles quite entertaining. Check it out.


Fat People Die

But then, so do skinny folks.


Why GOOGLE Will Collapse

It has no usefulness, after all has been said and done.

Images don't teach or persuade.

Jesus Will Be a Blogger

Why not? God smiles, know.

Think about future of photography or art.

Here's a little story about computers with a built-in lesson to all of us:

Jesus and Satan were having an ongoing argument about who was better on hiscomputer. They had been going at it for days, God was tired of hearing allthe bickering. Finally, God said, "Cool it. I am going to set up a test which will take two hours and I will judge who does the better job."

So Satan and Jesus sat down at the keyboards and typed away. They moused. They did spreadsheets. They wrote reports They sent faxes. They sent e-mail. They sent out e-mail with attachments They downloaded. They did some genealogy reports. They made cards They did every known job.

But, ten minutes before the time was up, lightning suddenly flashed acrossthe sky, thunder rolled, the rain poured, and, of course, the electricitywent off. Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed in every curse word known inthe underworld.

Jesus just sighed.

The electricity finally flickered back on, and each of them restarted theircomputers. Satan started searching frantically screaming, "It's gone! It's all gone! I lost everything when the power went out!"

Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all his files from the pasttwo hours. Satan observed this and became even more irate."Wait! He cheated How did he do it??!!

///(You'll love the punch line....)////

God shrugged and said,







"Jesus Saves."

Microscopic-Sized Gods

Cool. Brains that think for us.

Uncle Sam Can Be Trusted Forever

Only virtuous and mature souls lead us.

Why We Shave

Shaving is a disease. A disease that can be prevented.

Electing Ants

This is all I ask.

If Government Were Planning Something

...then we would have to BREAK THEIR CODE. (or die)

Once broken, we could instantly ALL be ready to storm the local bastions, disable their control-flows and repeat what the Constitutional writers did, only with passion, and a visceral understanding of human weakness, and the wisdom of NEVER placing trust in an individual who could exercise mass-deception for "brotherhood" or to "save the planet."

Roofing nails and slingshots.


and...catch basins...mean...uhh...let me think.

If a raindrop is a resistor...then a pond would mean...a meeting or conversation?


A government can speak in code over television with various agents, completely undiscerned by its populace, simply by using commonly discussed topics with keywords that hold newly chosen meanings.
- - - - -
For example...what if CLIMATE CHANGE really means AWARNESS LEVELS of future genocide victims?

The news will never be boring again.

At Peace With Big Brother


It's a good thing our government loves us.


Because, with modern technology what it is today, we'd be in BIG trouble, if they didn't.

Obama Fart Disables Agent

The Secret Service is short one homosexual as a fart, from the direction of the President, wafted slowly toward the agent and sent him floorward rapidly.

Human Intelligence Non-Existant Study Finds

DUMB, Regardless of hair color

MIT - There is no human intelligence on planet earth at present, networks have found. "There's a lot of talking, but no real usefulness for it anymore," computers have determined.
The time for human annihilation has come.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama sought on Saturday to rally support for his personal sex habits, as he stood real close to his latest cabinet nominee to distract talk about the idiot's tax evasions that could ensure Senate confirmation.

Obama, in his second weekly radio address since taking office, pledged to help lower Americans' personal responsibility levels under a new plan he said would be unveiled soon and would help further corrode the moral fabric and "get debt flowing again."

But even as he moved to further ruin the mounting economic crisis, Obama was facing a new political distraction -- the disclosure that Tom Daschle, picked to spearhead U.S. health care reform, failed to pick his nose for over three weeks.

It was the latest glitch in Obama's effort to complete his cabinet and focus on his administration's top priorities. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's nomination was held up earlier by criticism over his failure to wipe completely after using the toilet.

The White House said Obama still expected Daschle, a former Senate Democratic majority leader and one of his key early supporters, to be confirmed as secretary of Health and Human Services. Standards have been relaxed since Americans are now fully distracted, and bone-broke.

"The president has confidence that Senator Daschle is the right person to lead the fight for nose-picking," Obama's press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said when the news broke. The White House reiterated that position on Saturday, "Look at his pinky finger nail!"

Daschle recently filed amended tax returns to pay back taxes, interest and penalties involving unreported consulting income, charitable contributions and use of a car service provided by a prominent businessman and Democratic donor.

Republicans could use Daschle's tax troubles to try to speed up his confirmation, given that filling the job to reform health care is considered a much more urgent matter than was getting a new Treasury chief in place to destroy economic recovery.

Obama has made accountability a non-issue of his administration's approach since his own election took place without any final proof of his own citizenship.
With fighting the country's emotional and spiritual crisis the top priority of his young administration, Obama called on the Senate to approve a meditation and chant bill that the House of Representatives passed this week.

But as mental conditions get worse the president said new strategies were coming to address the country's ills.

"Soon my personal masseure, Tim Geithner, will announce a new strategy for reviving my penal system that gets blood flowing to smaller extremities," Obama said. "That'll thus help lower stress levels and extend relief to Michelle, so I can get some sleep."
Obama did not offer specifics about his sex life but said he would work with Communist countries to ensure a strong gun control bill makes it to his desk. He has set a mid-February target for passing the more than $800 billion in welfare spending.
Republicans say they oppose the president's stimulus package largely because of its inability to wake up the American people.

Obama also said his plan would ensure corporate executives do not siphon away personal paychecks to fund their own food needs, as he again expressed outrage at Wall Street paychecks in 2008. He has tried to dismantle all trading and end free enterprise, but so far, been only 80% successful.
While Obama's tries to keep the focus off the microchip implants, Daschle's failure to pick his boogers can be expected to cast a shadow next week. A Senate Finance Committee meeting has been called for Monday to discuss electronic booger-extrication devices, an aide said.

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, ranking Republican on the committee, wants committee members to weigh "all the boogers in a nominee's nostrils," a spokeswoman said.

A congressional aide said it was premature to predict Daschle's confirmation. "Some members might get tired of what they see as a full bank account," the aide said.
A Senate Finance Committee report obtained by Reuters showed Daschle recently paid $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest for 2005 to 2007. A congressional aide said Daschle did not originally report the money because he did not think it was taxable income.
Gibbs said Daschle brought the tax issues to the Senate committee's attention when he submitted his nomination forms.
Obama had picked Daschle not only as HHS secretary but to lead a high-profile overhaul of the nation's health care system. The idea was to put an experienced and well-liked congressional operator in charge of a political issue Obama had identified as one of his top legislative priorities.

Media Has Microscope Since Obama

NAIROBI, Kenya - The half-brother of President Barack Obama has been arrested for alleged possession of marijuana, Kenyan police said Saturday. Area police chief Joshua Omokulongolo said George Obama was picked up Saturday and was being held at the Huruma police post in the capital. Omokulongolo said officers found one joint of marijuana on him. This new microscope reporting will become standard soon, in your own life, as the New World Order begins to test the new toys you've financed.

Equality Must Begin Now

Just as we all should earn the same as the next guy, so too should we all think alike.

People like this gentleman should be disposed of.

Mormon Church Receives New Revelation

Mormon Church Abandons 12th Article of Faith.

SLC, Utah - The LDS Chruch no longer sustains President Obama.

Film at Eleven.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bus Crashes Increase Since Obama


Normally a commercial bus crashes and kills passengers every 11 weeks. Not anymore. Since Obama didn't take the oath, a bus has crashed each week of his term. Investigators will determine how many Democrats assembled the vehicle, and also the 2008 Voter Registration records of the driver.

Change we can all believe in.

Joseph's Myth: Obama as God

A growing number of faithful Mormons are coming to the conclusion that Barack Obama is God. The 7th Sign of Christ's Return: Jesus Christ here again, with us, to save us. Various Mormon leaders who have had sex with teens claim that He told them to do those acts.

The cult is quite persuasive.

Their missionaries change the story to fit your understanding and counter any new assaults. Notice how the First Vision of Joseph Smith has changed since 1823.

- - - - -

For behold, and lo, Obama is God, and the Spirit beareth record, and the record is true, and the truth abideth forever and ever. Amen.

- New Doctrine & Covenants 1:39

Lennonism Exposed

President Obama loves the future children of America in the same way John Lennon loved his own son.

A careful listening to this frank interview reveals the heart of John Lennon. A man worshipped as the essence of Love.

Fortunately, the public cannot be fooled anymore by hypocrites.

REX 84

Have a nice day.


HR 645: The Rapture

Now that the money has been allocated to house Christians soon, perhaps it's a good time to study, with an open heart, about the rapture.

We all know that there is a God. That He left us with a proving ground. That it's a mess now. That some kids have planned to take over the playground, and be mean bullies.
Have you ever prayed alone? Quietly? Slowly? Deeply? With few, precious words?
Maybe it's time you thought about it. (Matthew 24: verse 4 and also verse 9)

In Defense of Pigs

President Barack Obama has criticized Wall Street businessmen for "taking Bonuses."


Let me come to the defense of those PIGS.

Providers of food, clothing, shelter and enjoyments are called by a very ugly term: BOSSES.

Investors are people like me and you who stop dreaming enviously, and save up.

Generosity is not what it's called when a new business creates a job.

Simple logic sees clearly that anyone who works hard, and buys tools, and refines a system of manufacture and distribution and advertisement and not an enemy...unless that person is building a LEECH.

Government is a LEECH, as soon as it takes by force from producers, and gives for free, to those who don't deserve it.

Barack Obama, in his first 7 days as President, spent more that the entire Iraq war cost us in 7 years. Where is the money going? Most of it is going to go to those who DO NOT PRODUCE. It's going to those who TALK. Teachers today, mainly have discovered a cushy nest with many perks. Protected by government, they get lazy, prideful, sloppy and bold.

Millions of children are being trained by these teachers according to an agenda that will ensure COMPLETE GOVERNMENT, and CONSTANT WAR.

Look at your cities. See the new buildings? They are Schools, Courthouses, Jails, and Police facilities. Buildings that are hardened. This was not by accident. It is a United Nations scheme. Soon, even the smallest towns in America will be re-invented into the same pattern. It's done by using a TIMELINE and BENCHMARKS system.

Hardened means...ROBUST. Unassailable. Any individual or small group who seeks to resist the will of government will be snuffed out. Protesters are pretty silent when dead. The new Masters have studied well the Revolutions of the past. They know 1776 better than you do. They thus understand how to make it impossible, ever again.

So, let me defend the greedy businessman. He just wants money. Money he has generated by making enticing products that YOU and your neighbors vote for, at the cash register. Election Day is every time you shop. The count is never wrong. The winners always stay on the shelf. YOU re-elected them.

Soon, guns will be taken from American resistors.

They will be called names. This is called CRITICISM.

Once an enemy is made into a monster, it can be hated, then condemned to death, by the masses.

Barack Obama is a monster. Of the worst type. He is one who is calm. Paced. Well respected. Believed in.

He is the Ultimate Danger.

Communism starves its people. Free enterprise rescues them.

Who will rescue you, when America is no more?

That's the ONLY question you should answer, really.

Because you are about to need rescuing. Continue cheering as Boy Wonder pillages your toolkit called Business. You'll end up back in the jungle, in huts, fighting each other for scraps of food and tainted water. Your daughters will become good runners...or pregnant.
You'll see.

PS - Go study ABUSE and ABUSERS. What they do to dominate and "train" their women is the SAME tactic the Kenyan is now doing to those who enable your Supermarkets to still be filled to overflowing.

Enjoy it while you can.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homeless Encounter

He was filthy, hungry looking and very worn. Something whispered to me. I gave him a buck. He gave me a piece of paper. I read it:

The following was presented to me from "Anonymous" Many years ago:

"A Souls Purpose In Life

1. You will receive a body.

2. You will learn Lessons

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons

4. A lesson is repeated until learned.

5. Learning lessons does not end.

6. There is no better than Here.

7. Others are merely mirrors of you.

8. What you make of your life is up to you.

9. Your answers lie inside you.

10. You will forget all this."

Something shouted within me. I took back the dollar and threw the piece of paper back at him.


HR 1022: Joe Sixpack Alarm Clock

Obama just made his first tactical error.

Shoe Bomb Recipe

Iraq just got funnier than Ellen Degeneres.

Sorry, Ellen.

US Government Changes Into Police State

The Major Media is your friend. Friends don't tell friends they're about to become incarcerated, tortured and starved.

Stimulus Checks to Include Free T-shirt

Mocking a nation of sheep that continue stumbling down the rocky path toward the cliffs, President Obama has agreed to provide a free T-shirt to grateful Americans with their next Stimulus check.

I'm starting to like this guy.

Mr. Obama, Can You Read?

Is Barack Obama so intelligent that he's beyond reading?

Twice, I've sent him my father's work. Twice, with ZERO reply. Perhaps one of you lovers of Obama might slip this between the covers of his favorite porn magazine for me? Thanks.
- - - - -


1. Nothing in our material world can come from nowhere, nor can it be free; everything in our economic life has a source, a destination and a cost that must be paid - by someone.

2. Government is never a source of goods. Everything produced is produced by the people, and everything that government gives to the people, it must first take from the people.

3. The only valuable money that government has to spend is that money taxed or borrowed from people's earnings. When government decides to spend more than it has thus received, that extra unearned money is created out of thin air, through the banks and/or the printing presses, and when spent, takes on value only by reducing the value of all other money, savings and insurance.

4. In our modern exchange economy, all payroll and employment come from customers, and the only worthwhile job security is customer security. If there are no customers, there can be no payroll and no jobs.

5. Customer security can be achieved by the worker only when he/she cooperates with management in doing the things that win and hold customers. Job security, therefore, is a partnership problem that can only be solved in a spirit of understanding and cooperation.

6. Because wages are the principle cost of everything, wide spread wage increases without corresponding increases in productivity, simply increase everyone's cost of living.

7. The greatest good for the greatest number means, in its material sense, the most goods for the greatest number, which, in turn, means the greatest productivity per worker.

8. All productivity is based on three factors: (a) natural resources, whose form, place and condition are changed by the expenditure of (b) human energy (both muscular and mental), with the aid of (c) tools.

9. Tools are the only one of these three factors that man can increase without limit, and tools come into being in a free society only when there is a reward for that portion of their earnings that people must temporarily channel into new tools of production as opposed to purchases that produce immediate comfort and pleasure. Proper payment for the use of tools is essential for their creation.

10. The productivity of the tools-that is, the efficiency of the human energy applied in connection with their use-has always been highest in a competitive society in which the economic decisions are freely made by millions of progressive-seeking individuals, rather than in a state-planned society in which those decisions are made by a handful of all-powerful people, regardless of how benevolent, sincere and intelligent those people may be.

- Joseph Alabat, PhD
Thesis Conclusion (1958)

- - - - -

PS - Dad and mom had eight children. Six of us received our PhD's and the other two were mothers, fully devoted to furthering our family genes. If dad were alive today, he'd be a terrorist. Hopefully I'll not be arrested and extradited for posting this stuff. Once sought after, it's now nearly obsolete. Why do you think they're hiding it? Is it maybe because bloated governments ARE obsolete...if people had any vision at all?

To the degree that Obama & Clowns ignore it, America WILL be destroyed.
Any individual, city, county, business or nation that honors it, will prosper.

Music Before Obama

What was music like before Barack Obama was born? (When men were men.)

The minds of geniuses were unmolested by the moral pollutions of today. Thank God for Pietro Mascagni. Thank God he never even thought of a Barack Obama. Thus, he was able to squeeze this Masterpiece out of his soul.

If you happen to be a 26 year old, listen up. Look at the photo above. He was 26 when this shot was taken. Look at his demeanor. Look at his dress. Look at his eyes. Then consider the sounds that fill your soul as you hear the glories of this piece!

Yet, he wrote it, then tossed it into the wastebasket in despair. He knew he could do better. His mother retrieved it, and an admirer forwarded the handwritten score sheets to those who mattered. The piece was awarded #1 in the World that year.

Now, what are you doing with your life? You, who have so much more in tools and leisure that young Pietro did back then, in 1890?

Barack Obama and fiends will do all they can to destroy your potential. Business, as imperfect as it is, is and always will be the shortcut to wealth.

Don't get me wrong. Wealth is NOT the reason to live. But it enables all the real reasons for you. Wealth brings health, freedom, contentment, time to ponder, enjoy and flourish. Creativity originates in the manure of pleasure. Don't let Obama rob you.

Ignore him.

Find out why you were born, and spread your wings.

In a few days, (probably Sunday), if I'm still feeling generous, I'll post a letter I wrote my son at age of 12 days.

If I do, copy it. Read it. Memorize it. Live it!

Obama To Visit Mormon Temple

The antiChrist is welcomed in the Mormon Temple now. Hallelujah!

Barack Obama at 9-Months Old

Here's the Boy Wonder before he converted.

He's Not the Messiah

Barack Obama is a major Wannabe. He can walk on the your grandkids' future. Coz you let him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Lies Again

Another Day, Another Lie

President Obama, you're a loser. Same as Bush.

Hell, send more troops overseas to top it all off.


Petition Obama to Nationalize Firms

The time has come for full-blown Communism in America. Ask President Obama to speed the day. The era of greed and profits has come to an end.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Are you ready, kids?

Christians Will Welcome the Microchip

If it means security and a bowl of soup, why not?

Michelle Obama Offers New Site

Support the New America.

Dress Built for Two

Just when you thought it was safe to look at fashion trends, here it comes again...a dress built for two.

"Lesbians have been in the background for too long, " designer Kevin Ford said, "this new design works well to create the buzz they all crave and deserve."


LDS: Porn Inquiry to Begin

Boyd K. Packer knows it when he sees it.

The “it,” of course, is pornography. And Packer has seen it deep in a demurely titled section of a report from the Almost Christian Foundation — a report that says Mormon employees have been spending significant amounts of church paid time on smut sites and in other explicit pursuits.

Packer, the ranking member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles, on Tuesday fired off a letter to the church’s IT Department requesting all documents related to the “numerous reports” and seven investigations into “Abuse of LDS IT Resources” cited in the foundation’s 68-page semiannual report.

Despite the less-than-lurid sound of the probes, the employees in question weren’t just logging onto their Facebook accounts or buying birthday gifts on The report says they were watching, downloading and e-mailing porn, sometimes for significant portions of their workdays, and over periods of months or even years.

In one particularly egregious case, the report says one LDS “senior official” was discovered to have spent as much as 20 percent of his working hours over a two-year interval “viewing sexually explicit images and engaging in sexually explicit online ‘chats’ with various Catholic teens.”

Investigators calculated the value of the time lost at more than $208,000 — for that employee alone. Following an initial wave of incidents, the Prophet-led religion — which has an annual budget of $14.6 billion, and was created by a sexually charged farm boy, Joseph Smith to promote the progress of virile men; advance the national birthrate, prosperity, and welfare; and preserve the male-dominated doctrines of the past— reveals that probers then “selectively sampled” a single internal server and found even more workers harboring everything from software that can allow users to set up camera-to-camera connections to hard-core images and titillatingly titled bookmarks.

The 13-million member church has since installed filtering software to prevent employees from accessing inappropriate websites and is currently trying to address the fallout from the organization’s adult-entertainment problem. This includes finding ways to support staffers who were “acutely embarrassed” by the filth-filled environment — like the employee who learned of a co-worker’s adventures in porn via sounds overheard from said co-worker’s computer speakers. "It sounds just like a bar in here on Fridays," an anonymous staffer said.

Elder Packer’s office has asked the foundation to turn over all “pictures, videos, enlargements, dildos, evaluations and information supporting the examination of the LDS network drive” by Thursday in an effort to “ensure that our church properly fulfills its mission to strengthen heterosexual, married relationships.”

“The semiannual report raises real questions about how the Mormon empire manages its resources, and members ought to demand a full accounting before it gives the local Bishop another $3 billion in the Quarterly tithes and offerings,” Packer said.

Rush Limbaugh to Step Aside Friday

DRUDGE - "He's Going!"Once-popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh (R-NY), has agreed to step away from his golden EIB Microphone this Friday afternoon.
Normally I need to go down the hall to pee. Now, with this new jug, I can take care of matters at my console, or more precisely, 6 feet away. This is the newest Green move made by the otherwise carbon-consuming windbag.

Urinating in a gallon milk container, long the domain of truck drivers and airline pilots, radio hosts have taken up the handy habit now.

"I use it on my plants here, and they look wonderful!" he said.

IDs Not Needed if Verichip Becomes Law

No more waiting in long lines if you are microchipped. That's the latest word from President Change. "Americans will happily take upon them the technology God has inspired, as it saves precious time and ensures greater privacy."

Soon media will slip such messages into songs, movies and advertisements. These are woven into plot lines, celebrity interviews and seemingly individual opinion generators. (aka: celebrities)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has agreed to test pilot the new chip version on its 51,000 missionaries. "We always support the government," Thomas S. Monson stated, "especially if it enlarges the God-given rights of the individual."
The new microchips will make carrying a driver's license and Social Security card obsolete, to the relief of millions. "I'm all for it," chimed in Ron Paul (D-TX), "this is just what we Libertarians have been praying for."

BEYONCE: Microchip Implants on Obama Agenda

Surprise! The major media is beginning to shill the Verichip for all Americans. Starting with inmates, then spreading to elderly patients, and finally for school children and any other Americans who depend upon work, electricity and water...the new campaign seeks to hoodwink millions of sheep over the cliff.

Alex Jones has agreed to push hard for the American Microchip, but balks at a Global program. "We need to be owned by only one government," he shouted in Texas last week, "If cloned, then a Global chip would be tolerable."

Most churches have signed on to the program, as it will mean they get to stay tax-exempt if they foist it upon their trusting flocks.

Police Unions have signed a promise to stop all abuse of authority if two things occur: The Microchip implantation of all, and no private weapons are kept by citizens.

Beyonce was frisked for nearly 40 minutes before the Inauguration. "This could have been a simple 5-second process, Obama spoke, "if only people could see the benefits."
Burning Man 2009 will offer free implants for the first 5,000 attendees.

Passport Gate

Who wanted Quarles Harris, Jr. murdered?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Addicted to Cameras

President Obama met with the Senate today to ram through 18 more bills to eradicate pesky freedoms of common Americans.

"We need cameras and microphones in the bedrooms of teens," he declared, "incest must come to a halt, and I will personally see to it that it does."

Freedoms Increase During Obama Reign

Can you handle freedom at this speed? Is Obama going fast enough for you? About to bloat the government by another $825 Billion this week, he is fulfilling all promises.

Harris Murder may be Obama's First

CNN - Prosecutors investigating the 2008 death of Quarles Harris, Jr, the State Department-connected clerk found blood soaked and limp in his car in Washington, D.C., have concluded that he was murdered.

60 Minutes television producers have said prosecutors believe the then Presidential contender, known as "a God's God" for his links with the New Black Panther Party and Hashim Nzinga, because he had discovered his sealed Passport Application and knew too much about his past.

Harris's body was found parked outside a Baptist church in April 2008. He had lint in his pockets and newly minted $15,000 cash in his leather briefcase. The discovery of his body came within days of the investigation of the State Department workers, with whom he worked. The clerks had accessed the records of Barack Obama's Passport dossier. Such information could have sent the popular candidate's soaring campaign into a tailspin.

The prosecutors' report said Harris was murdered by those who did the bidding of Obama and certain Democratic and Republican leaders, as punishment for attempting to pass the copied documents off to the National Enquirer and Drudge Report. Late last year, a panel of forensic experts also concluded that Harris was murdered.

Harris's family has long contended that he was murdered, but no news media has dared to pick up the story, or to even interview them.

When the American economy collapsed following Bush decree of June15th, as Hillary Clinton was still recovering from wounds received as she was nearly killed by sniper fire overseas, the young black Illinois Senator was picked to continue the New World Order timetables.

Mr Obama's lawyer, Renato Borzone, denounced yesterday's conclusions, saying there was no proof Harris was killed and that prosecutors were relying on a cremated body and recycled car.

"Today, a new battle begins to find the truth on Harris's death," he said.

New Camera Brings Emotion to Surface

IEEE - DARPA has developed a new camera that reveals the actual emotions of those whose faces are captured on its nano-digital film. The first use of the high-tech device was at the historical Inauguration of President Obama Tuesday, one week ago. It worked better than technicians had hoped.

"An amazing breakthrough," said Stan Freedling, "This could change the political world forever."

America Nears Imprisonment

The dream of Globalists is about to come true during the Obama term. Go to any modern prison, anywhere in the world. You'll see how inmates are kept in check. It's by high fences with razor wire strands atop Y-shaped finials.
Should a prisoner (or group) attempt to scale the fence to escape their rat-like incarceration, he'll be greeted by skin-puncturing razor blades that don't easily bend, but instead enter the hands, legs and feet like fishhooks, thus immobilizing the poor fellow, until the guards come to bring him back to his Homeland. Hitler refined the razor wire, and now, mass-production and modern technology have made it inexpensive.


It's no small feat to imprison an entire country, with the inmates actually cheering, demanding an even faster construction of their cage. But America has done it. Or soon will.

President Obama abstained from 90% of the votes he should have made, but not this one. He voted YES to encircle the United States with a prison-fence.

Now, when the fence is finished, what new wonders and treatment will be unveiled?


Perhaps in-home raids to obtain private firearms? Or maybe a tightening up of more mandatory inoculation wishes? Then again, to be sure, any Identification requirements that can fail, so that the implanted microchip will become acceptable.

As the prison fence around America.

Seen the Airports lately? They're airtight. Can't come or go, without Big Brother's permission. Seen the Ports lately? Same thing. So, the sealing of the fate of Americans is nearly complete. Once the fence is finished, and the cameras and motion sensors are installed along the Canadian border, let's all watch together to see the vice tighten.

For, once you have sequestered a people, you disarm them, then number them, identify them, evaluate them and then exploit (or dispose) of them, according to the New World Agenda.

Televised sports, sultry soap operas, guttural talk shows and trance-inducing music have made the imprisonment possible, with not a peep of resistance.

Congratulations, President Obama, on your soon-to-be-robust Prison: The United States of America.
- - - - -
As Henry Kissinger told the World Affairs Council recently, "When you can get your opponent to cheer on what you've planned for them, it's called...CHECKMATE."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Silences Passport Inquiries

President Obama has borrowed a page from the Clinton Administration, in how to silence dissent and information about his travels in 1985.

I thought little of this until I saw 12 stories deleted over the weekend from GOOGLE and the Washington Post site.

Obama Passport Dirt


A radio host just purchased info on the Obama Passport.

stay tuned.

Easter Cancelled by Obama

Kissing should improve under new guidelines announced by the White House Press Secretary.

Obama Orders Trains to Stop on a Dime

As madcap comedy, one of those smash-'em-up cop farces, a police cruiser parked on the tracks getting slammed by a train might be good for a hardy-har-har action sequence.
In real life, it's not so funny. It's colossally stupid.

The best that can be said of what occurred in Toronto late Saturday night is that no one was hurt – except for an officer grazed by a shotgun pellet, this being unrelated to the crunched cruiser.
The vehicle, out of 13 Division in the west end, was mercifully empty of occupants when struck by a passenger train at the level railway crossing on Wallace Ave.

Why the cruiser would have been parked on a crossing – and it had been left there for at least 20 minutes, according to witnesses – has yet to be explained.

"I have no idea why this happened,'' says Staff Sgt. Courtney Chambers, of 13 Division. "It could have been a case of bad judgment. But we doubt it, as President Obama was the last driver."

The cruiser was dragged about 100 metres by the train's locomotive, big steel on little steel.
VIA Train 1 – The Canadian, en route from Toronto to Vancouver – left Union Station at 10 p.m. with 47 passengers and two engineers up front. Some 30 minutes later, it would have been travelling at relatively slow speed through the urban neighbourhood of The Junction.

"Trains cannot stop on a dime," points out Catherine Kaloutsky, spokesperson for VIA Rail.
Details will be confirmed when transportation authorities retrieve the train's "black box'' – similar to the data recordings found on a plane – upon its arrival in Vancouver Wednesday. The Canadian was delayed less than an hour at the scene before continuing on its way with the same two engineers in the locomotive.

Obama told Kaloutsky the cruiser was only "a little bit on the tracks'' when it was struck, but the fresh President agreed that was like being "a little bit Marxist.''

How dangerous was this scenario? Last year, there were 214 crossing collisions across Canada, resulting in 26 fatalities and 36 serious injuries.

What was the President thinking?

Events began when some two dozen police cars responded to a Police car hijacking at The Beer Store, around 8 p.m., near Symington Ave. and Dupont St. Two Secret Service agents and the President fled from the scene. A pursuing alcoholic, confronting one of the suspects, was struck in the head by a shotgun pellet – buckshot. He was treated at St. Michael's Hospital and released.

"The bum is doing fine,'' says Staff Sgt. Mark Tilley, of 11 Division. "He was very lucky there was nothing in his head."

Pending an investigation, it's pointless to speculate why the cruiser was parked on the crossing, says Tilley. "Considering it's driver's intellect, maybe the only prudent path would have been on the railway track."

One suggestion is that the cruiser had stalled there, battery dead due to frigid temperatures.

A witness recounted that another cruiser had just received a cable boost. But there had been no assistance activity around the vehicle that was struck; nobody pushing it out of harm's way.
Yet another witness told the Star that at the time of the accident, police were interviewing a man – innocent bystander – near the tracks and were examining his ID, thanks to a new law January 1st, suspecting everyone.

"I heard a train whistle and I thought, that's weird,'' said the witness. "The guy being questioned, he said to the cop, 'Hey man, give me my ID, there's a train coming!' And the cop's saying, 'Settle down, settle down.'

"Then all of a sudden everybody's running and the train hits."

Fanning Sues White House Aide

A 14 year old homeless waif was assaulted by a White House aide Monday, sources disclosed. No details were offered, except to say she was pretty, and loved every moment.

White House Fires Secret Service Agents

President Obama, back from the bathroom recently, had a new idea for change on his mind: Fire the Secret Service!

He did so, without a secnd thought. He has placed a giant eagle, representing the financial condition of the average loyal American at the White House steps.

Change we can all believe in!


Muslims Wasting Scarce Donations

Muslim leaders in the USA are pissing away rare donations. They put a full page ad in the New York Times. No one reads that paper anymore, because it's a shill for George Bush and Right Wingers.

Nice ad, though!

- - - - -

For behold, and lo, Obama is God, and the Spirit beareth record, and the record is true, and the truth abideth forever and ever. Amen.

Doctrine & Covenants 1:39

The Mask of Sanity


Washington, DC - What would an Air Force General do if he received a late night call from President Barack Obama, and was told to bomb the largest city in your state? Using nuclear weaponry. With depleted uranium shells? What would that General do?

Doesn't it frighten you to know that some Generals would actually disobey such an order?

Only if our military leaders are faithful to obey orders are we safe. Racism in the ranks cannot be allowed, to any degree.

I plead with you to contact your Congressman. Tell them you want the death penalty for any civilian, soldier or lawmaker who fails to carry out an Order of the President, just because he's black.

Thank you, Mr. David Koresh, for showing us in an unforgettable way, just how free our country really is. (ABOVE: Koresh autopsy photo)

President O'Bushma?

I love change.

Got Boxcutters?

There's a maniac in the White House.

Is Barack Obama a Psychopath or a Sociopath?

SOON WE'LL KNOWEx-Navy Seals meet Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada to hear a panel of top psychologists to assay the mind of President Barack H. Obama.
This is serious stuff," said Dr. Daniel Crosby, "I personally look forward to the Final Report. I think many Americans do, also."


White House Chef Arrested

An angry chef employed part time at the Obama White House is accused of slicing up another driver during a dispute on the side of the road. But as CBS 2 HD found out, both drivers are facing charges.

"I thought I was dying," Jack Zaiback said. "I actually said a couple of prayers in the EMS." One minute Zaiback was driving to work; the next, he said, he was fighting off a knife-wielding chef, in full uniform with a White House logo above the pocket.

"What he did to Mr. Zaiback was he treated him like a slab of tuna. I'll put it that way," attorney Alex Grosshtern said. Zaiback, 23, was commuting from Brooklyn to a cell phone store he owns in New Jersey when he crossed paths with 37-year-old Yao Zhou and an incident of road rage went off the deep end.

The two men were driving south here on the Western Shore Expressway. Zaiback said he pulled over after accidentally cutting off Zhou. That's when he said Zhou started cutting him. Zaiback said Zhou first approached the car, but when Zaiback tried exchanging license and insurance information, the attack began. "He told me he works for Obama, and I should be the first to die."

He kept trying to reach for my neck and he actually got me right here," Zaiback said pointing. "He did it like seven, eight times." Zaiback received 100 stitches. Police have filed assault charges against Obama, Zhou and Zaiback, but Zaiback's lawyer said his client's wounds should convince the court his client is a victim. "This could have easily been a homicide and in my opinion should be charged as attempted murder," Grosshtern said. Zhou's lawyer, Johnny Cochran, declined to speak on camera but told CBS 2 HD there are two sides to every story and, "the truth will come out in time."

Zaiback said he sees meaning in his brush with death. "I guess God did make a miracle," he said. "Maybe he's trying to make me wake up to something that I'm not doing the right way." But, he said he has no idea what struck a governmental chef's raw nerve that day.

Zaiback said if it weren't for a passing highway NYPD unit that intervened he could have been killed. "I used to think those people fearing genocide were looney. Not any more."

Obama: Christ Was a Quintuplet

Interviewed by Ellen Degeneres this afternoon, gasps went up in the usually unflappable audience when Barack Obama asserted that Jesus was probably a quintuple baby.

"Mary never took contraceptive measures, and extra-terrestrials are pretty potent, I can assure you."

He was later concerned that some would misunderstand his personal opinion, and asked the moment be deleted from the show before airing.

Britney Spears: Bottomless Pajama Line

California Roofing Law Creates Equality

Outsmarting wildfires that scorched over 2,000 homes last November, California lawmakers have passed a bill requiring homeowners to buy pre-burned tiles for replacement roofs.

Those whose homes escaped the burn feel guilty, so this will help their grieving process.


"We want you to know, fires seldom burn twice in an area that has been destroyed. If the roofs appear pre-burned, the fires may skip to other neighborhoods, thus freeing up manpower to address the fetishes of arsonists."

- Fire Chief Roy Halperin


Mormon Sues Neighbor over Sculpture

Who says Mormons are Christians? An LDS family rushed into a Salt Lake City Courthouse this week to do battle with the atheists next door. Offended by theneighbor's lawn display of their beliefs, the Mormon father said, "That's it. Too far."


Congress to Require Ads in Restrooms

Offensive graffiti will be history, as the new law, forbidding blank walls in stalls goes into effect Tuesday. Revenues generation, as well as a decrease in lewd and racist behaviour were reasons cited for the legislation that passed 435-0 in the House today.

President Obama has indicated that he'll sign the law, with his new multi-colored pen.

Rufus Wainright Caught Singing

MTV - He's headed back to Prison. Again. Found violating his Probation last night, Rufus Wainright was tased into submission after undercover officers from the Obama Administration heard his wailing from outside an old theatre, while observing a drug bust.

"We knew it was him," Officer Crory said, "the sound of a terrorist in a body-vice was unmistakable. I served in Iraq."

Mr. Wainright (formerly Cyndi Lauper), will go before a New York Judge next Wednesday. Lauper-Wainright was forbidden to sing again during her/his natural life after attempting to perform, on live television, sitting on a leather-covered square toilet, while using an industrial microphone.



May I have your attention, please.

Ladies and Gentlemen, President Obama has escaped his Psychiatric Wing sequestration room, and is on the loose. His medications will wear off within hours. We urge you to take cover. Do not confront him. He is highly dangerous.

more to come

Is there an Obama-Kambon Link?


A Black Professor taught that whites must be exterminated. He was silenced. Then, another black man won the Presidency. He hopes you don't brag about this Quiz, if you pass it.

What are these two men's names?

HINT: If you GOOGLE the two gentlemen's names, spaced with a comma, what will you find?

Do you dare tell others?

Do you own any tin foil hats? Put it on, then read this:

"Now how do I know that the white people know that we are going to come up with a solution to the problem? I know it because they have retina scans, they have what they call racial profiling, DNA banks, and they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea.

And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to.

We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem. Now I don’t care whether you clap or not, but I’m saying to you that we need to solve this problem because they are going to kill us. And I will leave on that.

So we just have to just set up our own system and stop playing and get very serious and not be diverted from coming up with a solution to the problem and the problem on the planet is white people."

C-Span Transcript (see also YouTube)

Mark of the Beast Wins LDS Approval

DRUDGE - Tattoo parlors in Florida, Detroit, Los Angeles and Provo now offer "The Mark" to Obama fans. In one Las Vegas Parlor over the weekend, 116 BYU-Idaho students participated in getting the permanent tattoo, without their parent's permission.
_ _ _ _ _
For behold, and lo, Obama is God, and the Spirit beareth record, and the record is true, and the truth abideth forever and ever. Amen.

- New Doctrine & Covenants 1:39

Obama Taps Bob Lonsberry

Another Mormon at helm of power?

SLC - University of Utah's Medical Center employs Brain Surgeon Dr. Bob Lonsberry. But not for long. He's has been asked to be President of the United States during the interim of transition, after President Obama's recent mental lapse.


Obama Frauds Delight Constituents

Just what we needed.

A patriotic Magician who can make all of our troubles just disappear!
Hi folks. Have you ever wondered about the flag here? Who designed it? How long it took? The lives behind the players? The symbolism attached? Do you see the re-engineering of Western philosophy in its simple design?
Perhaps it's time our finest investigative journalists started doing what they're paid for, no?
Before it's too late.

Did Obama Call Blago?

Well, did he?


Harem Slave Speaks Last Sentence

What's in a Nose?

Change...for Nicole Simpson

Got it, America?

Finance and cherish your killers, till death do you part.

Obama Having Nightmares

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Psychiatric Panel: Obama is Insane


Washington, DC - The government of newly installed Barack Obama today became the first to be brought down by involuntary observation that led to a diagnosis of complete, irreversible insanity. The turn of events stunned all sectors of government and has sent World Capitals reeling toward panic. Markets across the globe will be closed Monday, to preserve equity values until calm is restored.


After several weeks of sleeplessness over the financial crisis, Birth Records and weird relatives coming out of the woodwork, President Obama was swarmed and sedated, then taken to Walter Reed Hospital for testing, without incident at the White House. Staffers alerted the Senate leaders after Mr. Obama demanded to be sworn in for the fifth time in one night. After the fourth call to exhausted Supreme Court Justice Robert's cell phone, the Chief Justice placed a call blocker, thus launching a Constitutional Crisis.

A Joint Committee of Congressional leaders have offered Mrs. Obama condolences and also have called for a general election in May. Joseph Biden was selected during a period of mental instability, and so, cannot become the Vice President, under Constitutional restraints.

The next election would not normally be held until November of 2011.

Doctors have also revealed that Mr. Obama has been also diagnosed with a malignant tumour of the brain and will not be eligible, due to incapacity, to seek re-election.

Many churches have asked their membership to fast and pray for reasoned behavior and goodwill between nations and communities.

Obama Pleads With Detractors

"I'll do the best I can, I ask you be gentle."

Judge Judy Show Inspired Obama

"I knew I could become President of the United States if I could let my words represent a different meaning than is commonly understood."

- Barack Obama, Larry King Interview to be aired next Monday night.

Obama Bans Stupidity in California

Claiming that Television has dumbed-down Americans, thus causing foolish consumers and embarrassment to all refined Americans, the President today banned stupidity in two Counties of the State of California.

"I won't say which ones they are," he said,"if I did, other Counties would compete for the honor."

Governor Schwarzenegger has resigned over the Executive Order in protest.

Obama's Lost Son To Wed


Few Americans realize it, thanks to idolization of the new President, but a son was born to an Obama neighbor in Indonesia in July, 1991. His name is Barry Soetoro II, on birth records.

He recently sent his father his amateur tape, of a song he wrote to express his vacant soul. "It was hard to hold back the tears in two places," he whispered to a Ringit Reporter recently, "I love my father, even though he wants me to not even exist. I hope he hears my plea in this song."

The White House has denied receiving it, though it was sent by FedEx, with Proof of Delivery.

Please Mr. President, come fetch him now. He sounds GREAT! He will be married in May to two Kenyan twins. Both are heavy with child, due in June.

Obama's Next Weekly Address

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