Tuesday, January 27, 2009

America Nears Imprisonment

The dream of Globalists is about to come true during the Obama term. Go to any modern prison, anywhere in the world. You'll see how inmates are kept in check. It's by high fences with razor wire strands atop Y-shaped finials.
Should a prisoner (or group) attempt to scale the fence to escape their rat-like incarceration, he'll be greeted by skin-puncturing razor blades that don't easily bend, but instead enter the hands, legs and feet like fishhooks, thus immobilizing the poor fellow, until the guards come to bring him back to his Homeland. Hitler refined the razor wire, and now, mass-production and modern technology have made it inexpensive.


It's no small feat to imprison an entire country, with the inmates actually cheering, demanding an even faster construction of their cage. But America has done it. Or soon will.

President Obama abstained from 90% of the votes he should have made, but not this one. He voted YES to encircle the United States with a prison-fence.

Now, when the fence is finished, what new wonders and treatment will be unveiled?


Perhaps in-home raids to obtain private firearms? Or maybe a tightening up of more mandatory inoculation wishes? Then again, to be sure, any Identification requirements that can fail, so that the implanted microchip will become acceptable.

As popular...as the prison fence around America.

Seen the Airports lately? They're airtight. Can't come or go, without Big Brother's permission. Seen the Ports lately? Same thing. So, the sealing of the fate of Americans is nearly complete. Once the fence is finished, and the cameras and motion sensors are installed along the Canadian border, let's all watch together to see the vice tighten.

For, once you have sequestered a people, you disarm them, then number them, identify them, evaluate them and then exploit (or dispose) of them, according to the New World Agenda.

Televised sports, sultry soap operas, guttural talk shows and trance-inducing music have made the imprisonment possible, with not a peep of resistance.

Congratulations, President Obama, on your soon-to-be-robust Prison: The United States of America.
- - - - -
As Henry Kissinger told the World Affairs Council recently, "When you can get your opponent to cheer on what you've planned for them, it's called...CHECKMATE."

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