Saturday, January 24, 2009

Psychiatric Panel: Obama is Insane


Washington, DC - The government of newly installed Barack Obama today became the first to be brought down by involuntary observation that led to a diagnosis of complete, irreversible insanity. The turn of events stunned all sectors of government and has sent World Capitals reeling toward panic. Markets across the globe will be closed Monday, to preserve equity values until calm is restored.


After several weeks of sleeplessness over the financial crisis, Birth Records and weird relatives coming out of the woodwork, President Obama was swarmed and sedated, then taken to Walter Reed Hospital for testing, without incident at the White House. Staffers alerted the Senate leaders after Mr. Obama demanded to be sworn in for the fifth time in one night. After the fourth call to exhausted Supreme Court Justice Robert's cell phone, the Chief Justice placed a call blocker, thus launching a Constitutional Crisis.

A Joint Committee of Congressional leaders have offered Mrs. Obama condolences and also have called for a general election in May. Joseph Biden was selected during a period of mental instability, and so, cannot become the Vice President, under Constitutional restraints.

The next election would not normally be held until November of 2011.

Doctors have also revealed that Mr. Obama has been also diagnosed with a malignant tumour of the brain and will not be eligible, due to incapacity, to seek re-election.

Many churches have asked their membership to fast and pray for reasoned behavior and goodwill between nations and communities.

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