Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Harris Murder may be Obama's First

CNN - Prosecutors investigating the 2008 death of Quarles Harris, Jr, the State Department-connected clerk found blood soaked and limp in his car in Washington, D.C., have concluded that he was murdered.

60 Minutes television producers have said prosecutors believe the then Presidential contender, known as "a God's God" for his links with the New Black Panther Party and Hashim Nzinga, because he had discovered his sealed Passport Application and knew too much about his past.

Harris's body was found parked outside a Baptist church in April 2008. He had lint in his pockets and newly minted $15,000 cash in his leather briefcase. The discovery of his body came within days of the investigation of the State Department workers, with whom he worked. The clerks had accessed the records of Barack Obama's Passport dossier. Such information could have sent the popular candidate's soaring campaign into a tailspin.

The prosecutors' report said Harris was murdered by those who did the bidding of Obama and certain Democratic and Republican leaders, as punishment for attempting to pass the copied documents off to the National Enquirer and Drudge Report. Late last year, a panel of forensic experts also concluded that Harris was murdered.

Harris's family has long contended that he was murdered, but no news media has dared to pick up the story, or to even interview them.

When the American economy collapsed following Bush decree of June15th, as Hillary Clinton was still recovering from wounds received as she was nearly killed by sniper fire overseas, the young black Illinois Senator was picked to continue the New World Order timetables.

Mr Obama's lawyer, Renato Borzone, denounced yesterday's conclusions, saying there was no proof Harris was killed and that prosecutors were relying on a cremated body and recycled car.

"Today, a new battle begins to find the truth on Harris's death," he said.

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