Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tabernacle Choir a Hoax, Technician Confesses

SLC - The famed Tabernacle Choir, well loved for decades, was a faked arrangement, according to a computer graphics specialist who was excommunicated last Wednesday.

"I was well-paid to create a phony set-up, to make the world think the Choir actually existed," said Morrie Hoffman (brother of Mark), "It was real. Really in my garage."

The defunct Choir hasn't performed since 1967, as it was disbanded due to a lack of interest.

Most Americans believe the Mormon church is a thriving and dynamic structure, when in fact, it collapsed just after the faked moon landing.

"I faked that, too," Hoffman confessed to CBS News, yesterday, "Most things in the world are now fully staged, using programs that can generate any scenario." Many governments use the imaging to be able to keep citizens in check. "There is no military. No wars are being fought, no actual diseases or wrecks or recessions;" he asserted nonchalantly, "in fact, we just finished creating the Inauguration of an illegal alien, just to test the gullibility of the current population."

He finds it amazing what humans believe, with so little animatronics added.

The two stories will air on 60 Minutes next week.

The LDS Church didn't return calls at the time of this bombshell.


  1. I had a band called the Mormon Tabernacle Choir we used to play PBS shows on saturday afternoons in the 80's but we changed our name to Bleebalabba SFB to get more frat party gigs. (SFB stands for Shit Fuck Balls)

  2. You faked the moon landing? You're so full of crap it's coming out your mouth. My wife was in charge od NASAs Life Sciences Data Group and positively know otherwise. Not only re you a misinformed conspiracy theorist but an outright liar just like the LDS snd other religious and political (Democratic) cults. You need to get a life in the REAL world and stop lying with the sole intentions of misinforming people and stroking your phony ego.


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