Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is there an Obama-Kambon Link?


A Black Professor taught that whites must be exterminated. He was silenced. Then, another black man won the Presidency. He hopes you don't brag about this Quiz, if you pass it.

What are these two men's names?

HINT: If you GOOGLE the two gentlemen's names, spaced with a comma, what will you find?

Do you dare tell others?

Do you own any tin foil hats? Put it on, then read this:

"Now how do I know that the white people know that we are going to come up with a solution to the problem? I know it because they have retina scans, they have what they call racial profiling, DNA banks, and they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea.

And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to.

We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem. Now I don’t care whether you clap or not, but I’m saying to you that we need to solve this problem because they are going to kill us. And I will leave on that.

So we just have to just set up our own system and stop playing and get very serious and not be diverted from coming up with a solution to the problem and the problem on the planet is white people."

C-Span Transcript (see also YouTube)

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