Thursday, January 29, 2009

Music Before Obama

What was music like before Barack Obama was born? (When men were men.)

The minds of geniuses were unmolested by the moral pollutions of today. Thank God for Pietro Mascagni. Thank God he never even thought of a Barack Obama. Thus, he was able to squeeze this Masterpiece out of his soul.

If you happen to be a 26 year old, listen up. Look at the photo above. He was 26 when this shot was taken. Look at his demeanor. Look at his dress. Look at his eyes. Then consider the sounds that fill your soul as you hear the glories of this piece!

Yet, he wrote it, then tossed it into the wastebasket in despair. He knew he could do better. His mother retrieved it, and an admirer forwarded the handwritten score sheets to those who mattered. The piece was awarded #1 in the World that year.

Now, what are you doing with your life? You, who have so much more in tools and leisure that young Pietro did back then, in 1890?

Barack Obama and fiends will do all they can to destroy your potential. Business, as imperfect as it is, is and always will be the shortcut to wealth.

Don't get me wrong. Wealth is NOT the reason to live. But it enables all the real reasons for you. Wealth brings health, freedom, contentment, time to ponder, enjoy and flourish. Creativity originates in the manure of pleasure. Don't let Obama rob you.

Ignore him.

Find out why you were born, and spread your wings.

In a few days, (probably Sunday), if I'm still feeling generous, I'll post a letter I wrote my son at age of 12 days.

If I do, copy it. Read it. Memorize it. Live it!

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