Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama's Lost Son To Wed


Few Americans realize it, thanks to idolization of the new President, but a son was born to an Obama neighbor in Indonesia in July, 1991. His name is Barry Soetoro II, on birth records.

He recently sent his father his amateur tape, of a song he wrote to express his vacant soul. "It was hard to hold back the tears in two places," he whispered to a Ringit Reporter recently, "I love my father, even though he wants me to not even exist. I hope he hears my plea in this song."

The White House has denied receiving it, though it was sent by FedEx, with Proof of Delivery.

Please Mr. President, come fetch him now. He sounds GREAT! He will be married in May to two Kenyan twins. Both are heavy with child, due in June.

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