Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Mask of Sanity


Washington, DC - What would an Air Force General do if he received a late night call from President Barack Obama, and was told to bomb the largest city in your state? Using nuclear weaponry. With depleted uranium shells? What would that General do?

Doesn't it frighten you to know that some Generals would actually disobey such an order?

Only if our military leaders are faithful to obey orders are we safe. Racism in the ranks cannot be allowed, to any degree.

I plead with you to contact your Congressman. Tell them you want the death penalty for any civilian, soldier or lawmaker who fails to carry out an Order of the President, just because he's black.

Thank you, Mr. David Koresh, for showing us in an unforgettable way, just how free our country really is. (ABOVE: Koresh autopsy photo)

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