Friday, January 30, 2009

In Defense of Pigs

President Barack Obama has criticized Wall Street businessmen for "taking Bonuses."


Let me come to the defense of those PIGS.

Providers of food, clothing, shelter and enjoyments are called by a very ugly term: BOSSES.

Investors are people like me and you who stop dreaming enviously, and save up.

Generosity is not what it's called when a new business creates a job.

Simple logic sees clearly that anyone who works hard, and buys tools, and refines a system of manufacture and distribution and advertisement and not an enemy...unless that person is building a LEECH.

Government is a LEECH, as soon as it takes by force from producers, and gives for free, to those who don't deserve it.

Barack Obama, in his first 7 days as President, spent more that the entire Iraq war cost us in 7 years. Where is the money going? Most of it is going to go to those who DO NOT PRODUCE. It's going to those who TALK. Teachers today, mainly have discovered a cushy nest with many perks. Protected by government, they get lazy, prideful, sloppy and bold.

Millions of children are being trained by these teachers according to an agenda that will ensure COMPLETE GOVERNMENT, and CONSTANT WAR.

Look at your cities. See the new buildings? They are Schools, Courthouses, Jails, and Police facilities. Buildings that are hardened. This was not by accident. It is a United Nations scheme. Soon, even the smallest towns in America will be re-invented into the same pattern. It's done by using a TIMELINE and BENCHMARKS system.

Hardened means...ROBUST. Unassailable. Any individual or small group who seeks to resist the will of government will be snuffed out. Protesters are pretty silent when dead. The new Masters have studied well the Revolutions of the past. They know 1776 better than you do. They thus understand how to make it impossible, ever again.

So, let me defend the greedy businessman. He just wants money. Money he has generated by making enticing products that YOU and your neighbors vote for, at the cash register. Election Day is every time you shop. The count is never wrong. The winners always stay on the shelf. YOU re-elected them.

Soon, guns will be taken from American resistors.

They will be called names. This is called CRITICISM.

Once an enemy is made into a monster, it can be hated, then condemned to death, by the masses.

Barack Obama is a monster. Of the worst type. He is one who is calm. Paced. Well respected. Believed in.

He is the Ultimate Danger.

Communism starves its people. Free enterprise rescues them.

Who will rescue you, when America is no more?

That's the ONLY question you should answer, really.

Because you are about to need rescuing. Continue cheering as Boy Wonder pillages your toolkit called Business. You'll end up back in the jungle, in huts, fighting each other for scraps of food and tainted water. Your daughters will become good runners...or pregnant.
You'll see.

PS - Go study ABUSE and ABUSERS. What they do to dominate and "train" their women is the SAME tactic the Kenyan is now doing to those who enable your Supermarkets to still be filled to overflowing.

Enjoy it while you can.

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