Friday, January 23, 2009

Mormons Beware: There's Shampoo a'Comin

President Barack Obama signed into law another Executive Order, this one, in a locked closet, and is of concern to Latter-day Saints, specifically.

Refusing to specify its name, number or even title, he personally walked it to the Senate Recorder's Office at 1:48 AM Saturday.

Bugs and cameras placed by the Bush administration operatives captured the essence: it had to do with increasing the toxin levels in common products used in Utah and Idaho.

Mormons are known for bathing, and this new law could mean the end of their streak of being healthier than most other Americans.

It's believed he created the war-like Order to retaliate for so few votes in the Mormon states last November.

Time to read up on what's being discussed for your area.

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