Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mormons vs Obama

Barack Obama has signed into law International cloning rights. Ignoring the demands of Latter-day Saints in 81 nations. He has approved the transfer of his own DNA and sperm samples beginning Monday.
"Our world cannot be perfect," he said, "until every child has the same opportunities I do. And only if they look like me, can speak like me, walk like me, think like me and can serve as well as I do, will this dream come to pass."
Obama-ism, which began in March 2007, is now the third fastest growing cult after Scientology and Mormonism.
Latter-day Saint attorneys have filed an emergency injunction to block the refrigerated transports. "The President has gone too far. He has stolen our squeaky clean image, haircut, smile and modest tone." said Thomas S. Monson, President of the Utah religion, which once taught replication, but has abandoned the tenet since 1890.
"We were the only true and living church first," quipped Dalin Oaks, looking like he could use some fresh DNA, "what Mr. Obama has done violates our Intellectual Property Rights and common decency."
Scholars at Brigham Young University have begun debates to ascertain if the earth can accommodate two true and living religions.

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