Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Time is Now


Whether you are a "God-Owns-My-Heart Christian," a bored-to-the-core atheist, (or somewhere in between) or perhaps even outside the milieu such a spiritual spectrum, this message is for you.


We are entering what is known as the transition to The Great Tribulation as written of in the Book of Revelation. Beginning tomorrow night, for the next 113 days, President Barack Hussein Obama will endure sleepless nights and excruciatingly pressure-packed days of responsibilities with which few men could mentally cope. The sobering tasks on his plate at present are enormous.

Now is the time for each of us, regardless of political persuasion, to pray for this man. He is truly a remarkable specimen of tenacity, gall and potency. It is no small attainment to become President, even for those of us born in the United States. His foggy history, racial challenges and slither-like meanderings since birth, to this moment...are nothing less than heroic. Mr. Obama needs our support and encouragement, no matter what he chooses to do in the next four months.

That said, may I also note that we are certainly going to be on guard. He'll be the most watched Executive in the world's history. This blog will work tirelessly to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly as we descend together into the abyss of The Great Tribulation. It begins May 21, 2009. Beginning on that Thursday, a chain of untoward events will occur that will show all beyond certitude, that deep doo-doo is upon us, indeed. Three and one half years will then be ushered in, with a burden that will test each one of us as much as President Obama is about to be tested.

You do not want to be found wanting. Trust me. Eternity is a very long time. Your eternal fate depends upon your attitude and responses to the days ahead of December 21, 2112. The Great Tribulation is a refiner's fire. Purifying the souls of all of God's children to assay what we are actually made of.


If we love God, and our fellow man, (which is the only way we can prove it), then we will be supported literally by angels. Protection and sustenance will be for those who quietly prepare for loved ones and then well-endure the load placed upon our personal yoke now. The load upon our new President is...enormous!

Pray for him not once, but many times, in the coming weeks.

It's no small thing to micromanage a once-free people. President Obama has sworn to throttle the Global cockpit controls, flaps and wheels.

Brace your souls, now.

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