Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama's Bloodless Coup

Congratulations to the nation of Kenya!
We salute you for your native son and his Masterful bloodless coup of the USA.
He is the Chosen One. We will obey him.
The Obama Agenda, with tools provided by George W. Bush:

Nationalization of Banks - Full Governmental Control of the Financial Sector
New Global Financial Order - Obama joined leaders from around the world calling for this citizen-control tool of Biometrics
Issuing mandatory biometric identification for the new
National ID Card - The 'Real ID' Act, a National ID Card with RFID

RFID Technology - Radio Frequency Identification is becoming standard in business, and chips will soon be implanted into sex offenders.

Globalization - "global problems need UN solutions"
New UN Tax upon all Industrialized workers
Global Warming, Global Financial Crisis
Global Governance
International Criminal Courts, UN, IMF, the new president has agreed to lend support to enlarge global authorities
These things are REAL. These are REAL trends with REAL consequences.
While many conspiracy theories have different pieces of the puzzle right, this short list should be troubling if you care about your individual freedom. I don't know what is going to happen, but it sure looks like a consolidation of money and power, in a world where our freedom is limited for our 'safety' and our finances, communications and identity are globally monitored.
Again, Congratulations, Kenya!

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