Friday, January 16, 2009

Friends of Obama...Unite!

"Christians and terrorists can find common ground." - Barry Soetoro
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BYU Alumni Tally: 34,968 Support Obama, Only 573 Against

Hi. My name is John Bohica. I may be excommunicated for this position, but that's a moral imperative that I must risk. I've recently been asked by my college Alumni Association to Chair the newly forming Obama Bowel Movement. Let me explain why we've chosen the name, so there's no misunderstanding.

We've all witnessed an historic election that will change the world, rapidly. Love will be the catalyst. Our economy has been impacted by 8 years of George Bush. His services and wisdom are deeply appreciated. Now a new scent comes toward Washington, DC. Fresh ideas, a new role to unfurl. Hope is echoing in the halls and Boardrooms of America. Watercooler whispers connote a New Era is at hand.


Mr. Obama has assembled a team of world class intellects to undo what lesser generations built. The very fabric of our lives is about to change for the better. All will benefit. All will feel relief after he takes the oath of office. Even his most ardent detractors have agreed to join in wishing him success and a stunningly robust first term as President.

The Obama Bowel Movement is using an easy to remember acronym B.O.W.E.L. These letters stand for: BUILD OUR WORLD ~ ELEVATE LOVE. We hope we've chosen a name you'll pass on to your friends and family, so that we can assist the new First Family to feel supported and welcome.


Even a cursory study of Mr.Obama reveals his competence as a leader. His transparency exceeds that of any previous occupant of the White House. He has our complete trust. His charisma has silenced the virilent racist sectors of our nation and at the same time he's brought Socialists and Libertarians together. For the first time ever, there is acute listening going on. People sense the future is bright. That prosperity is about to burst upon the American scene.

Here's where YOU come in. We'd like you to join us now. Be a part of history. Sign up as an early holder of the Obama Bowel Movement SupportCard. Each card is numbered, on a first come -first served system. Beginning March 4th, 2009 at NOON, these cards will be issued at no cost to any who wish to sit side by side (figuratively) with Mr. Obama as he does the heavy grunt work of restoring our country to the state it was in before the Republicans did their best work.


Can you feel the growing wave of pressure the youth have felt as they witnessed their futures erased by recent job losses? Do you feel for the elderly as they watch their nest eggs evaporate in the melting Global markets? Let's send a message to the Oval Office now. Join the Obama Bowel Movement. We'll unite to speak, with one voice: "Build Our world ~ Elevate Love"

The new Executive will respond.

Let's do it.

Begining January 21, this blog will post daily insider Obama reports as they pile up, proving that we chose correctly last November. Learn how you may obtain your free Obama SupportCard. We'll watch as positive changes occur, day after day, together. Return to the site often to read about how things are getting better and better, surpassing your highest expectations.

Excitedly Yours,

John Bohica, PhD


Obama Bowel Movement Group
Rumor Control Division II
Jakarta, India

Pssst: Tell a friend. Return together. Learn how to obtain your Obama SupportCard. We'll post details the moment Barack Obama is sworn in. We're a 100% PRO-OBAMA site.

See you soon!

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