Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Answered Prayer

American gun dealers were thrilled with the Inauguration of Barack Soetoro Obama Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at Noon. They had good reason to be. This man has single-handedly fully armed America. He's greater than Charlton Heston on steroids.

Barack Obama has paid for the privilege. He'll be the most scrutinized Office Holder of all time, and thus we'll understand completely exactly HOW a civilization is led into Genocide. WHY people voluntarily climb up into cattle cars. Thanks to YouTube, Google and courageous adventurers, we'll watch as torture becomes commonplace, actual SWAT raids outreach prime-time viewership and high crimes are made legal.

Code H.O.P.E.: Having Overlapped Protection Everywhere is the aim of Barack Obama. Let the Portals begin. Import the toll roads. Taint the food. Booby-trap the fire extinguishers. Roofing nails on the byways. Altered signage. Misnumbered mailboxes. Backward music. Cameras above, below and through us. Microphoned walls. Radio Frequency Halls. Human stalls. Christian Mauls.

Welcome to The Pleasure, drones.

Your great grandchildren will not be born. You failed them.

Unlike your forefathers, you just watched. Only thought about. Merely looked sideways and acted as though you were a quadriplegic without testicles, mind or heart. You abandoned the life process. Torture rang its shrill alarm and you ate more popcorn in your sleep. Whittling the Constitution made a pleasant sound, promising safety in its steadiness. The falling chips made no sound at all.

While robots manufactured precise cages you know nothing about yet, you stared at streaming porn and red colored stock trades. You prayed to God that an illegal Kenyan Marxist plant would come to save you.

Your prayer has been answered.
This Editorial was emailed to me by a Gulf War Vet. Permission to copy is granted.

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