Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ultimate Mob Boss

You are about to witness the installation of a catalyst for your economic demise, an internal menace. At the speed of one legislative act at a time, the final dismantling of your freedom will now take place.


There is an antidote for Barack Hussein Obama and his friends. But only one. It's called understanding. No conflict can be rightly waged until there is first a visceral purpose for it. The reason man progresses is because wars have been won, thanks to a clear understanding of who the enemy was, and precisely what they wanted. Effective, cohesive resistance occurs only with such comprehension.

What makes you happy? Is it not aspiring and working toward the fine goals of a good meal, health, leisure, a home, family and posterity? These have been the natural aims of decent men and women the world over since civilization began.

To understand President Obama, we need look no further than home schooling and the average Christian family. Mr. Obama wants to destroy them, as thoroughly as possible. To understand why, we need look no further than a powerful booklet by Fred Clark entitled, "How We Live."

The fruit of a loving family is love. The fruit of homeschooling is wisdom. Love and wisdom develop society as no other motives can. Love creates progress. Then wisdom gives it proper direction, toward joy.


Cain slew Able because he wanted the fruits of his brother, without having to labor for them. In America today, this same goal reverberates on a grand scale in government policies you support. But welfare and handouts simply aren't enough. And so, our nation is about to be completely looted, one day at a time, by the government, which is...the ultimate mob.

Slavery (being promoted in media and schools) will be the lot of you and your children, unless you stop the designs of President Obama. The sooner you realize this, the better.


Mr. Obama is about to rev up the intellectual warfare Karl Marx began. Listen carefully in coming days, as he recites the rhetoric that nurtures hatred for business, profits and the free enterprise system that has fed, clothed and educated you and your family so well. As conditions deteriorate, Martial Law will be instituted, the Constitution suspended and The Great Tribulation will commence for 3 1/2 years. (I suggest you study the words of the song.)

Competition has perfected this progress that spans over 6,000 years. President Obama seeks to dismantle it all, with change. By force. While smiling, so the masses believe he cares.

To understand his values, ask yourself why.

* May 21, 2009 is 3 1/2 years before December 21, 2012...the end of the Mayan Calendar.

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