Tuesday, January 20, 2009

South Africa Troops Coming to America

125,000 trained South African troops are en route to Savannah, Georgia ports and will be dispatched into 12 major American cities next week, late in the night, according to sources near the White House, according to an anonymous Mormon missionary.
These are elite, dedicated young men, well equipped and ready for action. "They live for bloodshed."
When the White American voter discovers the Broad Based Black Ownership Initiative, Group 5, the real reason for Intertoll and who is about to construct the Cracker Death camps, the mailto:*#@T* will fly.
Rodney King has joined with Jesse Jackson to plead with all Americans to ignore the recent incendiary remarks of Senator Kennedy's wife.
"A Second Civil War would only reduce our beloved government and vital bureaucracies, forcing desperate families to have work for a living," the 1992 LA Riot peacemaker said tearfully.
Mormon leaders sleep. Wake them up. NOW.

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