Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama/Perot in 2012

Jan 22 - The permanent face of President Barack Obama will be chiseled into the same mountain rock that now houses the figure of H. Ross Perot, a Department of the Interior spokesman has announced. Known as Mt. Ross, located along Interstate 20 in New Mexico, it is a popular spot for truck drivers to stop for relief. Located in Urine County, just south of Truth or Consequences, it is a landmark that can be seen (and many claim smelled) for over 12 miles on a clear day.

The Democratic party will install lighting so that it can be illuminated each night during Mr. Obama's first term in office. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) has a compound nearby, and will maintain the site at no cost to the taxpayers.

Solar panels will be used to generate the illumination, so that it meets Green benchmarks of those who may otherwise have protested.

The ACLU wanted the landmark to be on the site of the World Trade Center, but that would mean electricity from coal burning plants would be needed for lighting. Truckers seem to be delighted with the decision, but asked that there be no toilets installed. "We've always pissed on the rock, it lends a hue of burnt almond tones, in the sunset hours," said Hamid Kalil, and Ethiopian driver who stopped by, during our story. "I feel really good about this opportunity. I will think of Mr. Obama as I enjoy nature."


The NRA has approved the project, and even offered to do the rock carving of the 30 foot high face for free, using various calibers of tools to chip away the detailing. Proof positive that he is bringing opposing philosophies together, as promised in his campaign.

The project will take 36 months to move through Environmental Studies, then 11 months to complete. Already school field trips are beginning to backlog.

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