Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009: Deathcamps...or Lovefest?

Barack Obama is a good man. Good men can associate with evil, and remain untouched. In 1971, the Soviet Leaders recognized the potential power of certain rising black stars of America. Then young student Barack Obama, (under the name Barry Soetoro) enjoyed a fully paid visit to the Ukraine to study strategies of improving the human condition.

If the Soviet leaders could see the worth of Mr. Obama back in 1971, as a student, why can't the Right Wing of America, so fearful of President-elect Obama, see the same thing? There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Now, let's assume the very worst case scenario, so we can examine the fear of the Right Wingers more closely, for its absurdity. Let's say, for sake of discussion, that Barack Obama is a plant. That he has been groomed by CFR wonks to oversee the final days of the United States of America, leading up to hidden, modern equipped processing facilities for "resistors." Let's assume for sake of discussion, that a county-by-county round-up were to take place of those who would not conform to the Executive Directives, tracking mandates and other Obama imperatives. What then?

Do you really believe that Mr. Obama wants the world all to himself?

Do you really believe that there is a secret hatred for white people in the black race, sufficient to enable an ongoing genocide, right here in America? Fortunately we've evolved further than this. There is no animosity for whites in the black community, anymore.

Black people are today, hard working, just like you. They have the same lifestyles as you do. The same values. They don't want any free handouts. They don't need housing, education or health care, thank you. To think a whole race would desire to live on the backs of another, using government programs, is absurd. Work and saving up, investing and enjoying the fruits of that wisdom is the hallmark of the modern African-American family.

Mr. Omaba is hated because he is a hard worker, and thus, destroys the illusion of racist whites who fear equality.


If the very worst case scenario did somehow unfold in the months to come, if Death camps and torture chambers, widespread lawlessness and racial strife were rampant in America, then it is my belief that you would find yourselves in a better place anyway. All I've ever read about the afterlife is blissful, IMMEDIATELY after life is taken.

So what do you fear? Is it starvation in the preceding months leading up to a grim demise? Are you really to blind to not realize that suffering ensures a greater reward in the end?

Even if President Obama is an enemy of the USA and will introduce a living hell in your future, so what? Is life and comfort so sweet that you'll lose sleep over such worries? Is your current job so wonderful that you prefer to keep it? Is walking down the aisles of WalMart your only value in life?

You can still love, hope and communicate in a Death camp. Some of the strongest brotherly bonds were formed between the persecuted victims of Nazi Germany, behind barbed wire. I am convinced that if a Police State is the lot of America, if the cameras we all see aren't for repetitive traffic reports after all, then we'll weather the storm of personal hardships and deprivation just fine.

We're Americans, after all.

If caged together in a massive outdoor facility, we'll make do, as we always have. The way to endure whatever lies ahead, even if President Obama calls for Martial Law and begins the genocide so feared by some...such events pass, just like storms, no matter how wild and brutal.

If whites were killed off, the world just wouldn't be the same. On the other end, when liberated, we'll enjoy a new day! We'll have amazing stories to tell our grandchildren. If we survive, we'll be stronger, and more able to avoid deception in the future.

So, you right wing paranoids...relax. Hardships made previous generations stronger, wiser and ready for whatever came, be it sudden or incrementally. War educates us, and gives us deep gratitude for our basic needs. I, for one, trust a man who is trusted by the millions who voted for him. Millions can't be deceived. The majority is always correct.

The Founding Fathers knew this, and so, gave us all the right to vote for those who would serve as our public servants. The black vote has only improved this reality.

Every word, every act, every decision of Barack Obama as President will show that we are safe, and need not care about any current situation. He will be a great provider. He will step in and fill the shortcomings of Capitalism and free enterprise, which is now proven to be such an utter failure to feed our nation.

Only love can save us. Barack Obama is Love incarnate. WATCH.

To join his Army of Love, watch this video, and contact the Love Foundation, join the New Black Panther Party. God leads it! Don't hold a grudge against a race, based upon a few rotten apples, or a few past riots.

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