Monday, February 2, 2009

Wahington Monument Topped With Foam

Report 1 in a Series of 100 - Facades of America: Our Hollow Empire
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CNN - The great-grandson of a designer of the Washington Monument claims that the top 19 feet are actually foam blocks, not bricks and mortar.

"My great-grandfather spent the final monies on New York Lottery tickets," he told his wife, "the Monument is not what everyone thinks."

Twice in the past month, high winds adjusted a section to appear that he may be telling the truth. Investigators will inspect as soon as permits have been issued.

Ironically, foam now costs more than bricks, and so, it may be a new National Treasure. The conversation also mentioned that the Rocky Mountains are at least 80% Styrofoam too, explaining why no actual earthquakes have occurred in Utah lately, despite its many obese children.
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