Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama Signs Gun Control Law

Thank God for a man of vision and change.

I admire the President for his compassion and wisdom. To make us all safer, he supports registering, taxing, restricting, or outright banning all sorts of firearms and ammunition. He even supports prosecuting people who use guns in self-defense. He's been very consistent on this issue, consistently trying to disarm the entire citizenry. He doesn't think the people should be allowed to carry firearms, or even own them. I'm sure this is all because he cares deeply about us, and wants to keep us all safe from harm, and I think that's very noble.

Well, since he is so principled on this issue, I have no doubt in my mind that, as soon as he takes office, he will do the right thing, and lead by example, by disarming the Secret Service. After all, guns CAUSE crime, don't you know? Even using violence in self-defense is — according to the President Elect — a bad thing. So I'm sure his first act as President will be to completely disarm those whose job it is to protect him. The Secret Service folk can all still carry cell phones, instead of guns, so they can call 911 if someone tries to kill Mr. Obama. But since using force is always evil, even in self-defense — or so Mr. Obama apparently believes — then I'm sure he will be happy and proud to leave himself defenseless, just as he wants to leave the rest of us defenseless.

Come on, Mr. Obama, show what a principled, fine guy you are. Lead by example, and render YOURSELF helpless and vulnerable. That would be the progressive, responsible thing for you to do, and it would show us peasants how well unilateral disarmament works.

Until you do that, Mr. Obama, stay the hell away from MY guns, you hypocritical, elitist fascist bastard.

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  1. Very well said,,if we have to give up our guns since they commit so much violence then same goes with the Secret Service!,,no more Hyporcricy!,,You need to be doing what your asking us,,'no telling' us to do!,,also stop the big feists that you and your wife are having at the white house along with your high dollar 'concerts 'since your telling American's we 'have' to cut back for the sake of the 'ECONOMY'!!,,let' see it !


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