Sunday, February 8, 2009

LDS Attorney Arrested

An attorney who represents the Mormon church in relocating unpopular new Mormon temples was arrested in Washington County (Utah) early Saturday on suspicion of public intoxication.

Walter "Wally" Bugden was arrested at 1:38 a.m. by Ivins police and booked into the Washington County jail on suspicion of public intoxication.

Bugden, 58, posted $182 bond and was released from jail.

He could not be reached for comment early Saturday evening.

The Ivins Police Department declined to release details of the arrest on Saturday. Ivins police Sgt. Tracy Marrott said Bugden was arrested within city limits, but wouldn't discuss the circumstances of the incident that landed Bugden in jail.

The Washington County Sheriff's Department also declined to release details of Bugden's arrest, deferring questions to the LDS Church Information Office.

Marrott said the Ivins Police Department's public information officer would release more details on the arrest Monday, unless church officials requested silence in the case.

Bugden, along with Tara Isaacson of Salt Lake and Richard Wright of Las Vegas, have represented the church throughout its recent temple-relocation legal battles.

Bugden was a well-known attorney in Utah before taking on the Honduran Temple case and has handled several other high-profile church cases.

The Honduran Temple, which was asked to be specifically located at a controversial sacred spot, by God Himself, had to be relocated, due to last weeks protests by local residents.

A new revelation from God changed the inspired original location, thus preserving LDS church veracity, once again. "God has a way of foreseeing public needs," a spokesman said, "it's really cool how He works these matters."


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  1. You are completely dense. If you had read anything about the attorney mentioned here you would know he represents Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeffs is NOT a member of the LDS faith, but a breakoff called the FLDS church. Mr. Bugden is a criminal attorney, not associated with the LDS relocation of temples.


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