Sunday, February 8, 2009

Howard Hughes' Final Words

My friends,

There comes a time in every man's life, when his alarm clock simply doesn't ring.

There are also times where his fingernail clippers become too dull to cut.

We must always remember that while we have no control over alarm clocks and fingernail clippers, we do have control over ourselves and over our thoughts and opinions of matters. We are never hurt by silent clocks and dull clippers, but rather, we are hurt by our reactions to and opinions of what they have stopped doing.

Our patience and spiritual strength is tested every day by these experiences. We must remain mentally anesthetized and spiritually spent. We must never allow someone else to disturb our drowsiness or long fingernails.

We can reduce the risk of this ever happening by remembering that we are always in control of our lethargy. People will have their opinions, but we cannot change them, nor should they be of our concern. We can always be still, grow quieter and contribute nothing to society.

It just takes strength of will, and the power to be no one of historical consequence.

Remember, you are always in control of yourself: consider doing nothing, for a change.

- - - - -

- Howard Hughes, Postscript to his Last Will (1974)


The above was read to the assembled recipients of his estate, prior to checks being issued. The note was also directed to be read at his funeral, and this song was played by a 32 piece orchestra, on the most beautiful day of the year. The breeze carried each note slowly with butterflies, amid 10,000 flowers, many tears and this onlooker changed forever.

As Pharoes of old took treasures and food with them, Beethoven was buried with the Manuscripts of Clementi (his hero). Howard Hughes was buried with his favorite Moody Blues album, signed by the band, gently placed in his folded arms.

God bless and be with Howard Hughes, forever!

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