Sunday, February 8, 2009

Church Promotes Privacy Invasions

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was started in 1816, when an angel named Moroni ignored the sleep needs of a growing teenage boy, entering his bedroom in a robe, and without a warrant. The two spent the night together, discussing God.

This violation of privacy, a time-honored trait of the modern faith, is featured in a new film. The warm and fuzzy tale, written better than any of Paul H. Dunn's fables, is available free of charge on its website. The story includes High Definition views of events that, within years, will become scriptural. It shows two Mormon hooligans, common conspiring thieves, placing stolen silver dollars into the old boots of a farmer who littered a roadway on his way to work. Yes, it happened. A Prophet said so, using Corporate time and facilities.

The careful use of lighting and music creates a truly credible story, but the carefully crafted perfect wording of non-existent journal entry lines gives it away as too good to be true.

Mormonism thrives wherever such films are shown. Approximately 11% of viewers take missionary lessons, and are baptized into the church, which then creates more such videos to retain the beliefs.

To view other sweet films that will help you make it through the current Depression, visit YouTube, and type in MORMON. Ignore all the anti-LDS videos, or it will spoil your adventure. Never read research or collect exit stories from ex-Mormons. To do so could get you thrust into hell.


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