Saturday, February 7, 2009

Confession of an Escaped Slave

Three years ago I grew weary in Salt Lake City. There was too much honor being given to dangerous men. I could see what that would do to my paychecks, so I decided to leave the land of plenty.

I found a place in the Philippines where I was wealthy. Relatively. It did wonders for my overall happiness. See, I'm a working man. And back in the nation where government's growing faster than businesses, where church leaders remain silent while it occurs, well, anyone with a brain votes with his feet.


In my village, there are about 300 little children. Of them, about 100 are quite destitute. Of those 100, about twelve are frightfully hurting. Of those twelve, 3 are starving to death.

Today, my wife and I had the distinct, memorable honor of feeding 150 kids a delicious meal of hot pancit, orange drink and pineapple pie. The total cost to us was $24.00 (US$) An hour before the servings, I went through the village and called out to the shacks to bring a plate (plato) at 3PM. I love walking barefoot in sand. It beats any limo ride, I'm pretty sure.

At 3:PM about 100 showed up, but 25 or so didn't have plates. I had an interpreter tell them to hurry home and grab an empty bowl or plate, so we could dish out their meal. Never did it occur to me that blank stares would be the result. I asked why they weren't going home to fetch the plates. I was told, "their family has no plate or bowl."

We served them on freshly torn banana tree leaves, and a couple boys used a plastic bag from a store, that was laying atop a nearby bush.


One small group held out their hands and we served them the pancit without any dish, leaf or bag, and the food didn't make it 10 feet. Other hands reached in and the noodles disappeared within 5 seconds. Into hungry mouths.

I took pictures, and will post them next week here, with captions, so you may see I am not embellishing the unfolding I saw today. When you see the clothes they wore, threadbare shirts and nothing else on some, you'll see why I left America.

See, these kids don't complain.

I heard nothing but complaining in the United States, mainly by overweight people, of all ages. I saw too many religious people completely ignore the plights of those who were without. As the months ticked off, I saw fear enter the eyes of spoiled Americans as more and more societal selfishness became apparent, in every sector.

You even got so desperate, you elected a con artist to rescue you.

President Mirage, I call him.

He told a truth during the weeks leading up to his botched oath taking. "It's going to get worse, before it gets better."

Yes, it is.

If God allows these little Filipino children to suffer this much, week in and week out, then I can't imagine how He will hear the wailing of Americans with their plenty, (that you're still so blind to).


This morning I had a loosened front tooth (that was capped back in 1992), re-cemented by a dentist in the city. She charged me $9.50 (US$) The procedure took about 6 minutes, and I filled out no paperwork. She did an excellent job. Just before I left the US, the same procedure was quoted to me in Phoenix for $86.00 and $120 in Los Angeles. Phoenix wanted me to fill out 8 pages, Los Angeles 12 pages of documentation. I'm telling you the truth. For a cash transaction. Both wanted full-mouth X-rays. My complete dental history. My financial data, etc.

This amazing cultural contrast will remain with me as long as I live. I'm getting a very clear picture of reality here. Hopefully I'll spill the beans someday. You can't learn this stuff in college.

I took a multi cab to town and back. The 6 mile ride cost me the equivalent of 22 cents (US$) A bus in America would have cost me $2.50 for the same distance. There is no schedule here. Just another multi cab every 2 minutes or less, if the one is full. Most are. In America, most buses are empty, most hours. So clean, so modern, so on-time. And so expensive. Taxpayers in the United States have no idea how much they're actually paying for everything that's subsidized by government.

I was a poor man in the USA. But in this village, I am the wealthiest man here. Literally. But I have a wife who is meek, and a son who's a treasure. I am happy here. Every day I'm reminded of how lucky I am. It's done wonders for my life. Holding my healthy son, and deriving such profound pleasure from it, is more than I ever dreamed possible in this life.


You folks in America should brace for a Depression. Freshly printed dollars cannot stop market forces. The process will only make it much worse. When hyperinflation begins next year, you'll all be poor. Even the wealthiest will not be able to bear it. Your government is well aware of history and economics. They're stashing away theirs, as fast as possible. You should do likewise. Soon.

I've rambled too long. Thanks for letting me vent.

Enjoy the mirage while it lasts.

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