Sunday, February 8, 2009

How The USA Will Meet Its End

Submitted by an anonymous Wall Street Journal Correspondent. This letter was found on the National Desk yesterday. Fingerprint analysis shows that gloves were used in its making. The coward that wrote it is asked to come forward for prosecution by four government agencies.


I've been saying for a while that this country is doomed. But I have felt that it would last until around 2020. Recent events have forced me to move that timetable up.

This country will come apart by 2010.

The recent case of The United States of America vs. Vernice Kuglin has caused my reassessment.


The first thing to realize is that this case is the foot in the door. It
will be followed by others and their scope will expand. The Infernal
Revenue Service will be swamped by inquiries. The inquiries will be
followed by other test cases and the IRS will win some, but lose enough to establish some general principles.

At some point, one case will establish one or both of two principles. The first is that there is no statutory requirement for most Americans to pay income taxes. The second, even more alarming for the government, is that the Sixteenth Amendment was never validly ratified. Americans will be uncontrollable, if that happens. All heaven would break loose. It's called freedom. And a growing number of citizens, unable to earn a living with Fedzilla on their backs, are starving for this to occur.

In its prosecutions, the Infernal Revenue Service, has relied upon
taxpayer resentment against those who might underpay or fail to pay
taxes. IRS special agents have stables of informants that they use who gather information about citizens who fail to file or under-report income. They sit in bars, health clubs and other public places, listen in and engage others in evidence-gathering conversations. The informants are paid a percentage of recoveries.


This is the psychology of all organizations that work against mankind's nature. Income taxes, as well as most government laws today, are against mankind's nature. They turn neighbor against neighbor. This technique has been especially useful in totalitarian and dictatorial societies. Each collapsed within a few years after the tactic was employed. Now, this is all threatening America, though the public is unaware just yet. The Internet will speed the day of our reckoning.

Since the (now disputed) ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, government has viewed the earnings of the American people as their entitlement. Any remainder left to the people is philanthropy. Call it slavery, a condition which is outlawed by the Fifteenth Amendment but government exempts itself from the Constitution.

The challenges to the income tax will not come at a worse time for the feds. They will be increasing just as the baby boomers are getting ready to retire and partake of the goodies of Social Security and Medicare. This will fracture the country along generation lines.


Further inflaming this situation will be the immigrant vs. nativist conflict. Many immigrants have gone on the welfare rolls. In some cases, they have now formed a huge voting bloc. Politicians, never a group with much in the way of principles, are catering to them, conditioning them to demand ever more. This is a situation unprecedented in our immigration history. Many countries, especially Hispanic countries, have schools to instruct the migrants in availing themselves of our welfare benefits.

Contrary to the cliché, America was never a melting pot. It was more like a bouillabaisse with ethnic identities preserved through three and four generations. Immigrants on welfare will fuel the conflict between the beneficiaries and those who have to support them, furthering tensions.

Both of these will contribute to the regional, racial and ethnic tensions that have always laid just beneath the surface. Joel Garreau's, 'Nine Nations of North America' delineated the economic fracture lines with some acknowledgment of the ethnic factors in Quebec, southern Florida and the American southwest. But the immigration morass was hardly a factor when Garreau wrote his tome.

Today, southeast Michigan is an Arab enclave and in southern New England, Hispanics, mostly Dominicans, are a dominant ethnic group. This has occurred in a little over two decades and shows no sign of reversing.

This is just the surface and there are many more group factors at work, not the least of which are the blacks who have long since been programmed into a victim mentality that constantly demands more.


The problem of the income tax challenges will be coming to a head over the course of the next few years. This will conflict with the increasing demands to finance these entitlement services. The IRS will come under increasing pressure to produce revenue and it will become more aggressive in its efforts. This will be the classic case of a conflict of rights, a recipe for violence which will occur at some point.

Like the shots at Concord and Lexington, the violence will spread. The frustrations that have been building up among the citizenry will explode. Having been delayed by lies and suppressed for far longer than any other in history, it will blow bigger than any historical event. As it does, governors will declare martial law which may contain things for a while but not forever.


Different sections of the country will secede and the president will declare martial law as widespread civil war breaks out. Someone will finally look back and recognize Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City for what they were: the first skirmishes in the overthrow of the United States.

Wiser heads may suggest that the breakup of the country be permitted by referendum but it's not likely to happen. If any elections occur in 2012, they will be in the various sections of the former United States of America but they will not be for the nation as a whole. 2008 was the last national election for the United States.


Whether you relish the thought of the country breaking apart, (and I
don't), I urge every American to develop a private arsenal of a rifle,
shotgun, and pistol, preferably several of each, with a store of
ammunition. This will be for the protection of your family and the
possible use of these weapons in the inevitable violence which will occur.

If you think this is far fetched, ask yourself, did you ever think that American citizens would be held for months without trial? That bankers would be running around holding secret overnight emergency meetings?


I maintain that these things will happen despite the fact that Superman has been elected into office. He's obviously impotent, as the daily headlines reveal.

Civilian round-ups and fist-in-glove responses have been planned as 'contingencies' for years. The 'government' has been waiting for the right time to spring them.

It's now.

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