Sunday, February 15, 2009

America Hired a Monkey Savior

President Obama is a magician. And we are his duped audience. Ticket prices will be high next show.

"And the walls came down...all the way to Hell."

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  1. Guys I am not sure if this site is ment to be a parody (like Bush or Palin, they seemd like parodies, but werent in the end) which case it would make sense to ignore this message.

    But if thats not the case: Geeeee! (as in Jeeesus) - u guys need to get yourself sorted. I can tell you, european rightwingers are already quite annoying, and clearly not the most intelligent, but at least most of them do have some common sense, and are not freaking lunatics!

    I guess your role in this world is to be funny, so fair enough. As long as u dont take action that hurts some innocent people, thats cool!

    Keep on shitting!

    Cheers from England (and Austria, my homeland),


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