Sunday, February 8, 2009

ObamaVision: Government As Parasite

The artist who one year ago this week unveiled the most printed object in 2008 has just unveiled ObamaVision, Government as Parasite. It is a rendition of the ultimate micro parasite that captures the essence of Big Brother-as-Helper.

"We can't live without government," he said from jail recently, "we'd all become too wealthy, too fast."

Nice work.

- - - - -


Governments are parasites, until the host becomes aware of mortal threats. It then becomes parasitoidal, and begins to eliminate sentient sectors of the population. Thinking groups which communicate vital alarms rapidly are the primary target of parasitoidal entities. Through infiltration and masking, insider-information is relayed to agents that swarm and carry off offending activists.

Governments have accumulated all data known of previously failed power centers, and thus have developed robust anti-revolutionary Compacts with industry, schools and other non governmental groups to ensure that if ever a formation begins to grow that could vanquish systemic laziness and free rides, that life form is labeled silly, then diagnosed insane and finally ignored by the comfortably harnessed populace.


Distractions offered by media, sports, printed material and internet games will keep rational thinking to a minimum, thus facilitating automated and filtered electronic monitoring of those members of society who could otherwise pose a threat to perpetual theft operations.

Should awareness reach rejection of government levels, a chain of events would be initiated to warrant wholesale round-up and slaughtering, so that continuation of exploitation may persist, for the offspring of today's sloth leaders.

Early warning signals are signaled within viral blogs that use humor to treat the most vital topic known. Infectious humor is to be outlawed, for the sake of future tyrants.


A laughing populace has never made it to Death Camps, and so, misery and images of increasing gloom and desperation should be ever-rising before the public consciousness.

Imitation enjoyment must be the domain of newscasters, game show winners and paid color commenters, and not from the mouths of actual thinking citizens.

Nothing is as deadly to Operation Musical Chairs as a lucid, articulate and unimpressed person.

Skepticism must be abolished from the earliest years of citizen-cultivation, and through repetition, Belief and Trust be kept as the national religion.

Obedience cannot expected from an informed people. Entertainment void of usefulness therefore, is the chiefest power tool of today's vassal owners and tomorrow's global Kings.

- Fooling the Host, 2008, pages 26-27

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