Sunday, February 1, 2009

Letter to a New Son

As Promised last week, here is a letter I wrote to my son.

- - - - -

First letter to my beloved son Romanico

Friday - May 2, 2008 – 10:23 PM

Hello, Beautiful ~

I am your earthly father. I love you. You were conceived by invitation, after prayer and pure love, between me and your angel mother, Maria Grace. No child was ever more wanted than you. No boy has ever been, nor ever will be raised better than you. Love, laughter and song will nurture you all the days of your life.

In this, my first letter to you, written just 12 days after your birth, I desire to share with you what matters most to one who begins life as a human. I want to tell you how lucky you are. I’ll begin by teaching you what life is, and what it is for.

God, our original Father, designed life on earth. He did so with the greatest care possible. It took Him much time, more thought and greater passion than exists inside all of His children, combined.

He thus made the optimal circumstance for the refinement of your Soul.

Existence as a mortal, though sometimes harsh, lonely and long, is really just a simple flash of opportunity. We are each given chances to choose Love or Weakness. Your mother chose Love.

So did I.

Then, you came.


You entered the world small, weak and poor, yet even so, you were the most fortunate child ever born. You have a dad that lives for you, completely. Your mother would die or kill for you, if necessary. Thankfully, such proof will never be required, but it is so.


Life is offered not to acquire, but to become. Most people don’t learn this, until it’s too late. O, learn it young, my boy!


The second purpose of life is to become worthy of being loved. This happens after you learn that serving others is the primary measure of your worth. O, learn it young, my boy!


The third purpose of life is to recognize the debt we each owe to God, for the gift of the first two purposes. Nothing else will bring you greatness, until you harmonize your desires to that which will begin to thank Him for all He has blessed you with.

Love is the only currency in eternity. Time is your wallet. Don’t waste or lose either, if you wish to impress others on the wondrous journey toward your potential.

Mistakes will be made. Frequently, if you are like me, and all others. But you’ll steadily learn. Just like we all are. You’ll learn that slowing down IS the ultimate efficiency. That gentleness IS the most powerful stance. That generosity IS strength. That dignity is found in excellent work.

You’ll learn that trust is the most valuable gem of all. That no true progress can occur without it, nor can any good remain, in its absence.

Trust comes from repeating good choices. Trust no one, until you are sure, due to their decency shown toward yourself and others. To trust the unworthy is to empower evil and mock the mind. O, learn it young, my boy!

This is enough for one letter. I shall continue in a little while, to bless you with wisdoms I’ve paid for dearly.

You fortunate boy,

Love your mother. She nearly died, bringing you here to us. Give her joy. Live for her, as she lives for you. Become friends with God, even as your mother is.

Until next letter, have fun growing in the sweet, holy comfort of our home.

Your grateful, devoted father


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