Tuesday, February 3, 2009

White Genocide to Begin in June

President Obama will dedicate the first ever automated cadaver processing plant in history.

It's operations will begin in June, and can dispose of 110,000 clueless whites per day.

Environmentally friendly, it will generate 100% of its own power needs using fats from the victims.

A fine-grained powder byproduct called AmeriCorpse quickly rejuvenates nitrogen-depleted soils, caused by Caucasian-based greed.

Unsuspecting Wal-Mart shoppers will enter stores, but then disappear after 4 minutes by chute, leaving no trace.

Tests have shown that this quiet, efficient method is ideal for culling the white race in over 36,000 towns, with not a word of protest.

Wal-Mart stock has climbed steadily since tests have been proving far better results than were estimated.

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