Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vaccinating Our Beautiful Boy

Last night, my dear wife, who loves our son mightily...informed me that a course of vaccines was being offered to all children here. Free. I absorbed this and went to sleep after dinner.

In the morning, I typed in the word VACCINATIONS at Yahoo Answers, and read about 2 hours of pro and con offerings.

I then came across this story. I read it. After asking her if she believed I love our son, and after asking her if she believed I would ever allow anything harmful to his well-being into his body...I told my wife that she, being his mommy, would have the final say on whatever went into his precious body, affecting his vital organs and miraculous systems.


I warned her clearly then. If there are complications from vaccines she chooses to "give" him, and these complications ruined his potential, enjoyment and normalcy, she would have the opportunity to find another, more patient and understanding gentleman to provide for her.

See, I love our boy far beyond most fathers. He's a special guy. Very smart. Very strong. Very healthy. He will become a significant soul on the earth.

Hope I wasn't too severe to my wife. She shed tears as I (with passion and precision) spoke the warning.

She read for about 2 hours after that, the same stories and data I did.

Will he be vaccinated?

I have no idea. It's up to her. She gave him life. Hopefully she cherishes it as much as I do.

Stay tuned.

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